Pay your bills!

Never be on your State Liquor Authority delinquent list again!


Running your hospitality business is enough work! Missing a payment to a wine or spirits vendor will land you on your state liquor authority delinquent list, making things even harder.

Never again!

Our app will contact you when a PO or bill in your accounting system comes due. Just say so, and we'll mail out a check for the amount due that very day.

You connect cod-backstop with yout bank account and accounting software. You’re only ever charged for the cost of printing a check and the postage

We've started with xero, but will be bringing more accounting packages on line soon. Sign up and get free access to all our apps.

What's the big idea here?

  • Our tech is supposed to make us more productive, more free. Yet everywhere, everyone seems endlessly shackled to their screens.
  • Software that learns about how we interact with the world and other software and that cues us to take concrete actions may be one path towards a more emancipatory relation to technology.